Do I need water filtration?

If you’re buying or own a coffee machine, whether it be an espresso machine, bean to cup or anything else that has water flow through it. You may notice that you are being offered a choice to buy water filtration options for the machine. But why? – Isn’t it all built into the machine? Why do I need extra bits?! Well, we’re here to explain exactly how water filtration works, and whether it’s necessary or not..


Let us start with the main ingredient. The water. Water is in almost everything, it’s everywhere and it has so many different properties. The variations are almost infinite and the applications are broad. Water makes up for over 90% of an espresso or filtered coffee. So how can we ensure the water flowing through a coffee machine is providing a fresh, pure cup of coffee whilst keeping your machine in tip-top condition? Can all of this be achieved just by putting a water filter between the mains water and the machine? Is it really that easy?…

Prevention vs Cure

A machine that’s suffered from unfiltered water is one of the most common reasons for an engineer call-out. Looking back at our stats, over 80% of machine faults were due to negligence and of that 80%, most were due to scale. Scale that could easily have been avoided with inhibition measures through simple water filtration. We highly recommend water filtration to avoid unnecessary and unexpected bills for repairs and maintenance.

Which water filtration do I need for my coffee machine?

It all depends on your setup, location and the level of filtration you’re looking to go for. For further information, we recommend you get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail. Generally we recommend an all-rounder at an ideal price-quality point, the Bestmax range. We offer these in multiple size options that can offer more litres before needing to be replaced, the Bestmax Large or Bestmax XL are usually the obvious choices depending on volume. You’ll also need a Besthead but these are a one-off and can be reused when replacing the main water filtration cartridge. There are pricier options such as the Bestmax Premium Range which offer additional protection. Other brands and filtration systems are also available.


Water filtrations aren’t built into the coffee machines because they are consumables, they require replacing on regular intervals, generally once a year, when needed, or at the same time as a service, just like car filters, they have a lifespan of efficiency and after a certain amount of litres flow through them, they require to be replaced, this is noticeable when the quality of the water or machine performance begins to decline. BWT offer a Digital Water Flow Meter which lets you know exactly when to order your next cartridge.

Summary of what water filtration generally achieves

  • Protection of the machine technology against limescale deposits, particles, off-​flavour components and chlorine
  • Ensures best protection of technical equipment and the quality of all products made using it
  • Improving the quality and taste of the water and therefore the final drink served, i.e. coffee.

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